We are proud to bring you through an overview of our machines and show you our new products.
Discover why every year a greater amount of factories choose us for machines that product filled gnocchi, fresh pasta either short and long, and encrusted filled product of every kind.

Our factory was born in 1961 in Zanè, in the upper part of Vicenza, an industrial area particularly rich and advanced of North-East Italy.
Nowadays we are one of the most innovative Italian constructors of pasta machines. The core-business of our company consist in the production of all kinds of pasta machines, static drier and filled gnocchi machines.

Diamond point of our activity remains however the filled gnocchi machines “New Fantasy” which is the result of years of study and work of the family founder, Mister Carlo Marini, who has dedicated a large part of his life, with the support of his sons, designing all the machines which are still entirely produced within the factory.