Cepi is a well-established company in the field of raw materials storing, conveying, dosing and automating systems for the industry.

Born in the 1985, our company has developed the necessary competences to integrate the production with highly competitive automating software, which also were gained us multiple rewards for CEPI's excellent procedures.

Thanks to a commercial division strongly oriented to consulence and collaboration, CEPI was able to create a network of partners and representation in many parts of the world. In some countries, CEPI has its own commercial site.

Today the market is fast, but more and more it's product quality, efficency and reliability to make a difference. That's why in CEPI we always try to be a step ahead: a costumized product (strongly modelled on the reality of the costumer's work) in regards to both the engeneering and informatic needs.


Indoor silo series SILBOX in stainless or aluminium steel for the storing and extraction of powders

Big Bag

Indoor Big Bag Unloading System in painted or stainless steel, built with material suited


Indor silo series SILSYSTEM for food stuff in antistatic trevira fabric with built-in filtering roof.


Outdoor silo series FIBROSIL in continuous filament fibregrass with vitrified outside surface.


Silos are built with materials suitable for the storing of solid food stuff. Integrated dosing groups for the managment of microingredients.


Silos are built with materials suitable for the storing of solid and liquid food stuff, supported by modular structures.



  Traceability :
Tecnhnology developed to guarantee traceability of food from raw materials.
The term traceability was defined in the european legislative context (UE law in force from January 2005) as the ability to trace back and follow - in all phases of the production, transformation and distribution - food, fodder, substances or animals used in the production of food or to be incorporated in food or fodder.
The main goal of the CEPI software is to build a traceability structure for food and develop methodologies for its planning and validation, as well as the needed improvements.
The ultimate goal of our projects is to present our costumers with the immediate individuation of the production chain of the food stuff that don't meet the necessary qualitative requirements.

  Anticondensation :
Anticondensation system for outdoor silos, controls the temperature gradient inside and outside the silo in order to avoid condensation on the inner walls of the silo itself. Completed with electronic control microprocessor with temperature regulation, control leds and test selector, two temperature probes, exhauster with 0,55 kw gear motor, collector with joints and connections.

Dehumidification :
Dehumidification system composed by fan, filter, rotor and command.
Ready for installation and connection with standard air-venting pipes and 230v 50Hz monophase connection. Sturdy low weight box in stainless steel, with PTC (Positive Temperature Control) to work the heater; eliminates the risk of overheating and allows control on its operativity. Rotor (completed with transmission) and fan can be easily removed from the box for external inspection and maintenance.

  Fermentator :
Vertical tanks - cylindrical shape for fermented products: fermentator, lump breaker, yeast tank.
DOUBLE JACKET – STAINLESS STEEL 30° conical bottom. AISI 316L + 304 material. Triple jacket. Isolated with expanded polyurethane at high density. Specific thermical circuit on the bottom area for heat circulated water. Specific thermical circuit on the vertical area for refrigerant circulation. Stainless steel Food aprooved finishing of internal body. Openable cover. Bar to support agitator. Agitator rack type with scraper with motorgear included. Completed with thermometer/thermostat.
Modularity : Standard and custom tanks.

  Flour cooling system :
Cooling group for food flour type CRF-20 composed by exchanger body with fluidized bed in stainless steel
AISI 316, external body in stainless steel 304, advancement group with vibrating channel with electrical motors, supporting loom with antivibration devices in harmonic steel, fly wheel lung for liquid nitrogen in stainless steel AISI 316 with insulation in 100 mm expanded polyurethane completed with security valve, 2 elettrovalves type PFA-80, electronic thermostat with 2 temperature probles, nitrogin-venting chimney to route in the open, exit and unloading cooled product and supporting structure in painted steel.

Constant Temperature Allows a constant and controlled temperature of the dough 12 months/year. Constant temperature supervision and reliable control allow a better storing of the raw material. The system allows a lower managment cost, as well as a quick return of the initial investment. Cools without adding H2O or using cooling gasses (CO2, ...) Cools by using filtered air only, so the environment stays natural, without changing ricepes with the season. The CEPI software takes the recipe to the programmed temperature progressively and gradually. RECIPE = ALL YEAR => CONSTANT PRODUCT.