To greet them all, we address them as the "good housekeepers", as per Olindo Guerrini, in art Lawrence Stecchetti, satirical poet and gourmet from the turn of the century, that is, at the time when everything started :
"Fate una pasta d'ova e di farina / e riducete rimenando il tutto / in una sfoglia, ma non troppo fina / uguale, soda e, sul taglier pulito, / fatene tagliatelle larghe un dito / che faremo bollire allegramente / in molta acqua salata, avendo cura / che, come si suol dir, restino al dente"
(make a dough with eggs and flour / and by mixing the whole reduce it / in a dough-sheet, but not too thin / even, firm, and on the clean cutting board / cut one finger wide tagliatelle / that we will bring to happily boil / in a lot of salty water, by taking care / that, as it is usually said, they remain underdone)